At HARMIN we believe the greatest luxury of all is time and not having to think too hard about looking great.  And so, we set out to create timeless, understated statement pieces that celebrate the duality of modern but classic, chic yet practical.  This collection will work for you and look great doing it. HARMIN style is meant to seamlessly integrate into an always on-the-go lifestyle — to work effortlessly with any wardrobe in our no-day-is-ever-the-same world.

We also believe that buying luxury is akin to buying a piece of art. It should make you happy to look at and last a long time. For people who appreciate quality, craftsmanship, and luxury, this collection was conceived of in Paris, designed in New York and crafted in the hills of Tuscany.

Each HARMIN piece is numbered and signed by the founder.  A gold plated screwdriver is part of every strap set, a true functional heirloom.  This fully customizable collection fits every need. We encourage you to craft your identity and make every HARMIN your own.